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Meet The 14-Year-Old Girl Who Developed A Low-Cost Water Purification System | FastCompany

The next generation of scientists is already hard at work solving our biggest problems. Take Deepika Kurup, a 14-year-old high school student from Nashua, New Hampshire. After seeing children in India drinking dirty water from a stagnant pool, she decided, in her words, “to find a solution to the global water crisis.” And then she actually made some progress towards that goal, developing a solar-powered water purification system.

She is the future

Ever notice how it’s always brilliant teenagers making stuff that will actually solve the world’s worst problems, like what do adults even do?

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the little 5 year old girl I babysit
me: What you do think about the princess marrying another princess?
her: Instead of the prince?
me: Instead of the prince
her: So her daughter would have two mommies?
me: Yes
her: two princess mommies...
her: fabulous




Acro yoga at 11,000 feet

this is really awesome

wanna reblog every day ~ maybe participate with a friend

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Yin yang peaceful toast fo lunch plus pbnj yogurt nyooom


Ugh such truth.. you don’t even have to go out of your way, sometimes just by being kind you are helping people a lot more than you think. And it never hurts..

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White couples that adopt non-white kids

If you’re getting mad at someone for adopting a parentless child and bringing that child into a loving home because their skin color doesn’t match then you need to take a good hard look at your prioritys, evaluate your life, and ask yourself how you sunk this fucking low.